The Merchant Gourmet Cookbook. The plant based cookbook you can plant.

Uncommon creates limited edition seed filled cover designed to plant herbs at home

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5 min readMay 28, 2021

Uncommon and Merchant Gourmet — the plant-based, healthy grains and pulses brand — has launched a new vegan cookbook: The Simple Plant-Based Cookbook, now available on Amazon. The cookbook contains over 60 tasty plant-based recipes using wholesome lentils, grains and chestnuts.

The project comes following Uncommon’s new strategic direction for the brand: ‘Appetite for change’ — which aims to encourage the UK to help the planet one meal at a time, by making plant-based food that tastes incredible.

The cookbook contains more than 60 ways to help the planet. For starters, you can plant the limited edition cover. It’ll grow basil, parsley, oregano and a bit of hope. The herbs are for the recipes. The hope is for the environment.

To launch the project, Uncommon created a limited edition cover which can be planted at home. The cover artwork also includes a striking black graphic design of a fork planted into the ground with roots growing from its base. The limited edition cover is made from recycled paper and contains real seeds — which can be planted to grow a range of herbs.

In the book, Merchant Gourmet will be sharing a wealth of simple, plant-based recipes perfect for any occasion, using its ready-to-eat pulses, grains and chestnut products.

All the recipes are deliciously plant-based and are designed to make it easy for anyone adhering to a vegan diet, or simply cutting down their meat consumption, rustling up tasty meals in minutes without the fuss.

Cooking plant-based can seem intimidating, but the recipes in the new cookbook are easy to follow, use simple ingredients, and most importantly are healthy and flavoursome. Spanning from 30-minute meals and one-pot wonders, to mouth-watering mains and luxurious plant-based puddings.

Lucy Jameson, Co-founder, Uncommon said: “Helping to save the environment can feel overwhelming. But there’s an easy and delicious way we can stand up for the environment — simply by sitting down for a nice plant-based meal. Launching a cookbook felt like a useful way to bring to bear Merchant Gourmet’s incredible mission towards a new food system. One where we eat what’s good for us and the planet.”

Richard Peake, Managing Director, Merchant Gourmet added: “At Merchant Gourmet, we believe that eating food should not only be nourishing, but better for the planet — and should never be at the cost of time or taste. We’re really excited to share this project we’ve been working on with Uncommon and continue to be a catalyst for change in helping reduce meat consumption in the UK.”

The Simple Plant-Based Cookbook is available to purchase from Amazon now at RRP £16.99.


Project Name: The Merchant Gourmet Cookbook. The plant based cookbook you can plant.

Client: Merchant Gourmet

Creative Studio: Uncommon

About Merchant Gourmet

Merchant Gourmet, the market-leading healthy pulses, grains, seeds, and chestnuts brand, was founded back in 1994 by brothers Mark and Oliver Leatham, who were inspired by the nation’s growing appetite for exciting and innovative cooking ingredients.

The brand is now on a mission to help as many people as possible discover the true pleasure of plant-based food and to eat less meat. In January 2021, Merchant Gourmet partnered with vegan chef and Youtuber, Gaz Oakley, to be the brand’s ambassador under their new “Appetite for Change” brand ethos.

Merchant Gourmet believes that eating food that is better for your health and better for the planet should never be at the cost of time or taste. The UK consumer seems to agree, the brand has a YOY growth of 13.7 per cent and a market share of 39 per cent, selling more than 20 million packs.

Merchant Gourmet will look to pioneer the UK’s ‘Appetite for Change’, by ensuring its full range of products are easily accessible, deliver high-quality and are simple ingredients for cooking. As a catalyst for many people starting their plant-based journey, Merchant Gourmet’s products provide quick and effortless ways to make delicious plant-based meals with natural ingredients.

The brand continues to innovate every and offers the UK’s most varied selection of pulses and grains, including Puy Lentils, Quinoa, Freekeh and Super Seeds. 2021 innovation will include clean deck, plant-based alternatives to some of the UKs favourite dishes.



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